Bamboo charcoal technologies to boost Ghana’s green energy sector
October 17, 2015
Global Bamboo Products Limited participates in clean cooking forum
November 29, 2015

Global Bamboo wins Ghana CIC Award


InfoDev’s Climate innovation Center (CIC) aims to accelerate the development, deployment and growth of locally relevant climate technologies. Currently the CIC is planned to launch in seven locations: Kenya, India, Ethiopia, South Africa, Morocco, Vietnam, the Caribbean and Ghana. Each CIC represents a holistic and tailored approach to innovation through financing, business advisory, policy advocacy and technical assistance. This effectively harnesses economic opportunities in developing countries through entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprise (SME) development in the climate technology sector.

Business plan development is part of the feasibility phase of the CIC process. During this phase, infoDev conducts a feasibility analysis via an in-country multi-stakeholder engagement process and sector mapping exercise of the climate innovation landscape.

As part of infoDev’s plans for a global network of CICs, we have produced Business Plans to detail the specific functions, services and financing each climate innovation centre will deliver. The Business Plans are developed in collaboration with local stakeholders using proprietary methodologies.

In Ghana infoDev with its partners organised the CIC competition attracting a number of innovative companies to showcase their business, activities for growth and climate change impact solutions.

Global Bamboo emerged over all winners with their fully inclusive bamboo business. This award has served as a boost towards the company’s efforts in making bamboo an alternative solution to timber/wood fuel;which is rapidly degrading the forest in Ghana.