Our Outgrower’s scheme encourages and trains farmers to intercrop with other cash crops suitable with Bamboo to ensure food security and income diversity.


Primary products are Bamboo Charcoal, Briquette, and treated Bamboo Clumps

Other product Include:

Bamboo Chips, Bamboo and Rattan Furniture and Handicrafts

Community Impact:  As part of enhancing bamboo use in Ghana, we have engaged  communities at various levels to understand the use and functions of bamboo. Global Bamboo Products limited has trained more than 300 young men and women in handicraft product development for Bamboo and other non-timber forest products.  Women and girls have been the main focus of these training.

Clean Energy Impact: The high carbon sequestration of bamboo provides the company the opportunity to have a carbon-free business. Our plantation sequestration places bamboo charcoal as one clean energy for cooking and any other energy requirements. We have joined hands with the Global and Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves to drive the uptake of clean stoves for healthy living, lower carbon usage and enhance the efforts in slowing down challenges associated with Climate Change.


Cultivation of Bamboo

Global Bamboo products has engaged its resources in the development of bamboo plantations in Ghana. About 300 hectares of


degraded forest has been acquired and being planted with various species of bamboo for its products.

This plantation has seen the reforestation of forest life and high yield in agricultural cash crops intercropped at the beginning of the life of the plantations.

Currently Global Bamboo Products Ghana Limited has Bamboo charcoal and Briquettes as its primary products with other associated by products for agriculture.


Water and land restoration.

Agroforestry for livelihood employment

Most important outcome has been the reforestation of the land to accommodate some forest life and new plant species.

Our stakeholders

On the plantations are our outgrower’s who are the biggest stakeholders. Over the years we have see

n a rise in their income levels and livelihoods. Previously, farmers had to carry water from long distances to the farms for their use, rain was the main source of water for the plantation; the benefit from planting bamboo has seen water restored in

the area and currently the development of an irrigation system to provide water for our activities.