Gloria Asare-Adu

Gloria acquired her business skills starting out in retail and wholesale business. After 8 years in trading, she started a successful career in construction and interior décor. Her love for the outdoors and indoor beauty developed her interest in bamboo for creating aesthetic value for her clients. In that period, she set up a workshop to develop her own materials for interior and exterior design with bamboo leading to the creation of Global Bamboo Products Limited. Her vision is to see Bamboo become the dominant material for building/construction, energy and all other sectors with a high consumption of wood.

She serves as the board chairperson and Managing Director of the business.

Marigold Adu

Marigold is the founding Partner and Executive Director of Business Development of Global Bamboo Products Limited and she is also the Proprietor of Runfree Ventures. With a degree in Psychology and interest in agriculture, Marigold currently plays an active role in the marketing strategy of Global Bamboo Products Limited and champions product development for agricultural sustainability.

Benjamin Adu-Boahene

Benjamin graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with a degree in Geography and Rural Development. Once a member of the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE – KNUST), Benjamin has a keen interest in embarking on activities that focus on creating business opportunities and transforming lives. Prior to founding Excel Renewable Energies, he worked as project coordinator and researcher for multiple award-winning radio program, the Super Morning Show on Joy FM 99.7. He enjoys reading and watching soccer games in his free time.